The Jory soils are the real ground floor of the winery and Arterberry Maresh. A result of thousands of years of volcanic uplift, flood and and erosion, the Dundee Hills are a beautiful landscape of southeastern facing ridges. Slightly warmer and drier than surrounding microclimates, these balanced volcanic, silty-clay-loam soils both retain moisture and drain well. It is amongst this background that Jim Maresh has selected sites of predominantly old-vine, own-rooted and non-irrigated Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines, which are farmed for Arterberry Maresh.

Maresh Vineyard

The Maresh family farms Pommard and Wädenswil Pinot Noir from 1970, and 1974 plantings and own-rooted Chardonnay from the 1983 plantings. Ranging from 500’ to 800’ elevation, these high elevation vines experience a long hang-time and are the last to ripen. The vineyard is managed by Jim Maresh Sr., Martha Maresh, and Steve Mikami.

Maresh Vineyard is Jim’s reference point for Dundee Hills Pinot Noir. It is the most complex and layered Pinot Noir. It tends towards pure flavors of concentrated red berries, black tea, sandalwood, floral tones, stony spice, and berry bramble. The silken tannins and long, intricate mouth feel speak to the truly elegant profile of this wine, which always benefits from ample air upon opening.

The Chardonnay from Maresh Vineyard is full, bright and complex with aromatics and flavors of fresh lemon curd, ginger spice, mineral richness of wet stones and honeycomb. This is a long evolving wine full of tension.

Winderlea Vineyard

Formerly known as Goldschmidt, Winderlea Vineyard is directly east of the south block of Maresh Vineyard and inclined straight south at an elevation of 480’-570’ elevation. Since 2009, Arterberry Maresh has contracted a block of Pinot Noir from a steep section on the border with Maresh Vineyard and Archery Summit’s Arcus Estate. Farmed biodynamically by Results Partners, Winderlea is the first site to ripen and is a bit more forward, bright and friendly. It shows aromatics and flavors of juicy cranberry and pomegranate fruit, spice, subtle bramble notes and the quintessential burnished red earthen tones of Jory soil.

Weber Vineyard

Since 2010, Arterberry Maresh has contracted 1976 and 1983 planted, own-rooted Pommard clone Pinot Noir from Weber Vineyard. The true east-facing site is located southeast of Winderlea and gets limited afternoon sun, though tends to ripen early at 350’-450’ elevation. Since debuting in 2010, Weber has shown to be forward, deep and vibrantly perfumed. Sweet notes of juicy currant, blackcap raspberry, dark cherry, maple, earth and a resinous poppy seed note. The structure is refined and acidity taut, but Weber speaks in noble, forward tones.

There is a scant amount of 1983-planted Chardonnay at Weber, which is blended with Maresh and bottled as Dundee Hills Chardonnay. Andy Humphrey manages Weber Vineyard.

Juliard Vineyard

The northeastern neighbor of Weber is the 12-acre Juliard Vineyard, owned and managed by Julia Staigers and Gerry Koschal. Own rooted Pommard and Upright clones from 1973-1988 plantings are oriented straight south at 420’-500’ and have been contracted by Jim since 2009. The vines at Juliard tend to ripen before Maresh Vineyard and, for Jim, are unique for Worden Hill Road. Less fruit driven, Juliard shows mineral density, dry but fine structure with complex aromatics and flavors reminiscent of black anise, mocha, dusty rocks, hints of black cherry and savory spice.

Gehrts Vineyard

Richard and Nancy Gehrts own and operate Red Hills Provincial Dining in Dundee, which is Jim’s favorite restaurant. When he’s not in the kitchen, Richard spends his days farming Gehrts Vineyard, located adjacent to Domaine Drouhin on Breyman Orchards Road. Arterberry Maresh contracts a due south-oriented block of Pinot Noir at 600’-700’ elevation. To the south of the Worden Hill Road ridge, Gehrts is planted to a field blend of Pinot Noir clones. A steeply inclined and non-irrigated site, it benefits from long hang time and tends to ripen just before Maresh Vineyard. The devigorated vines yield concentrated fruit with dark, high-toned fruit, vibrant acidity, dense structure and shows robust, meaty and savory.

Folie Hill Vineyard

It was Andy Humphrey who recommended that Joe Bolkovatz contact Jim when Foley Hill Vineyard came of age beginning in 2012. A straight east sloping site at 675′-800′ elevation, Jim is excited about the potential of this classic high-elevation site planted to Pommard clone Pinot Noir.